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Public Park and Trail

Shown below is the projected walking/biking/jogging trail loop, for anyone to use.

The preserve park (upper left corner of image) is 9.5 acres.

The privately maintained Cliff Park will be open to the public (far right of image and close by the 360 bridge) and is 16.57 acres. The red path is the TxDot owned property that is now improperly used as a public park. Long term, the PUD trail has plans to integrate with the TxDot owned park.   

Click to see KXAN video news story


 The Cliff Park/Nature Trail will have a 15' x a5' shade structure/pergola, 25 dedicated parking spaces, ADA compliant, public restroom, drinking fountain with dog bowl, trash cans with recycling, park benches or seat walls, signage and sidewalk connection. 

On August 28, 2018 the City of AustinParks Board recommended this Park as "superior". For further info click and reference item D6.

The tree lined trail is around one mile long. See the design concept below. 

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