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Jonathan Coon’s plan

The Lake Austin Collective endorsed Jonathan Coon’s plan for Camelback because of its numerous community benefits, including:  


  • Cancels the 300,000 square feet of apartments that got approved on Champion Tract 3 at 2222 / City Park Road and replaces it with a 120,000 square foot senior living facility with 75 percent fewer trips and a 90 percent decrease in peak hour traffic.

  • Adds multiple roadway improvements and a new route out of the area by extending Bridge Point Parkway across the Camelback property from City Park Road to West Courtyard. This should alleviate the number of short cut drivers on West Courtyard and improve safety in the event of a fire down City Park Road.

  • Preserves an iconic location in Austin on the cliff and lake and turns 1,500 feet of the lakefront property into a public park. This will end the illegal parking on Capital of Texas Highway 360 by providing a safer alternative.

  • Moves development 2,000 feet away from the Pennybacker Bridge versus just 500 feet away approved in the 1986 plan

  • Provides better protection for trees and the creek than approved in the 1986 plan

  • Complies with Dark Sky standards to minimize light pollution

  • Instead of taking advantage of a PUD that could allow 12 separate boat docks with 12 individual stair towers just 500 feet from the Pennybacker Bridge, Jonathan Coon plans to consolidate the boat docks into a single location 2,500 feet away from the bridge, with just one mechanized access (tram, fenicular, or elevator).

  • Provides a nice, quiet restaurant on the cliff that we can visit without driving on 360 or 2222.



See the three minute video describing the PUD under construction

source: Community Impact Austin 

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