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Development at
2222 and River Place Blvd

LA based Karlin Real Estate plans to build up to 1.5 million sq ft of General Office, 77 thousand sq ft Retail and 1400 Apartments at 6800 and 6801 River Place Blvd.


Is going to be bigger than the Lakeline Mall. They are claiming that this is a Research and Development facility like 3M was in order to get "grandfathering" to the 1984 Planned Development Agreement. But they are not marketing the property as 3M R&D, it’s just first come first serve. The agreement  does not allow apartments but they plan to build up to 1400 apartments.


        Why it matters

By not seeking an accurate current code zoning, they claim they are not required to do a traffic impact assessment despite the unofficial number of trips being 26,000. That means we won’t know the plan for school buses safely and efficiently going to nearby schools, or how commuters are going to make it through the new stop light or through choke points on 2222, or the travel time increase to the HEB and Four Points area. The trip counts have been completed but Karlin has not sent them.


With their "grandfathering" they claim to have

  • no traffic impact study required

  • no current code Environmental Regulations for trees, drainage, ponds, water quality, impervious cover on slopes

  • no Hill Country Roadway Ordinance

  • few height limits

  • no requirement to pay into affordable housing

  • no energy conservation mandate such as green energy or dark skies 

  • no high standard of site planning required

  • no required adequate access or off-street parking plans, etc.

  • and they want even more benefits to allow apartments, two public driveways and eliminating a designated greenbelt area.


      What's happening next

The first phase is the refurbishment of existing offices that are marketed to be rented to multiple companies. Next is 315 apartments on the greenbelt designated area of 6800 River Place Blvd (with a driveway on River Place Blvd) and lastly more apartments, retail and half a million sq ft of Office.  This lot is part of the old 3M campus.



      Take Action

By sighing the petition, you are supporting our request to rezone to an accurate multi use category and current code, which will require a traffic impact study and traffic mitigation, current code on environment laws, and current code on land development with some protections for neighbors.


Want more info? Visit the FAQs

This information is as of 9/22 and done by volunteers who have verified the materials, but are not always privy to City negations or nuances, so check back for updates.

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